Gizmo PRO 4.0.1

Max Derksen
30 ratings

The gizmo PRO addon is designed to simplify working with graphics tablets when working with meshes and bring a new experience when working with gizmo. It is also great for working with the mouse, adding more variation when editing objects.


Version 1.1.6:

Added the ability to enable hiding elements when the camera is perpendicular.

Version 1.1.3:

New gizmo "ASTRO".

Added buttons for quick access to orientation, position, and gizmo snapping.

Added setting of modifiers when holding shift, ctrl.

Version 1.0.4:

Added a plane when dragging in Dot Advance Transform mode.

Redesigned navigation system. Changed the navigation frame.

Added a panel for Fast ToolKit(Standard Shift+F keyboard shortcut). Added settings shortcuts.

At the moment, gizmo has 2 styles. One of the early gizmo blender concepts and one of the gizmo from zbrush.

A wide range of settings will help you customize gizmo for yourself.

Various modifiers reduce the number of clicks and make the work more accurate. 

Additional features in Fast Tool Kit are designed to speed up routine tasks.

And much more that you can get acquainted with in the video:

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Advance 3D Manipulator For Blender

Version Blender
3.6, 4.0 +


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Gizmo PRO 4.0.1

30 ratings
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